Resolving conflicts with synchronized files

If a synchronized file is modified on more than one computer without updating the file with the Desktop Agent, a conflict occurs and you are prompted to determine which file version to keep. For example, a conflict occurs if the same file is modified on both your desktop computer and your laptop and your laptop is disconnected from the network. When your laptop is subsequently connected to the network, the conflict is detected.

To resolve a conflict with a synchronized file

  1. In the Tasks bar, under Views, click Status.

    If a conflict is identified, a resolve conflicts option appears in the Status view.

  2. Click the Conflicts have been found link to open the Resolve Conflicts wizard.

  3. Review the information on synchronization conflicts, and then click Next.

  4. Select the file that contains the conflict.

  5. Click Open Folder.

  6. Manage the revisions as required.

    For example, to keep an older revision, you can delete the newer revision and rename the conflicting revision back to its original name.

  7. Click Finish.