Adding a single desktop user to DLO

Desktop users can be configured manually rather than with Automated User Assignments. You can use existing network folders that are dedicated to storing backup data for specific users. These network folders become the DLO network user data folders.

When you add a single desktop user to DLO, you specify the user data folders. However, you can use Storage Locations also.

After you add a desktop user manually, the settings that you assign are applied the first time the desktop user runs the Desktop Agent.

To add a single desktop user to DLO

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Setup.

  2. In the selection pane, click Users.

  3. In the task pane, under User Tasks, click New user.

  4. Complete the appropriate options as follows:

    Enable User

    Select this option to enable this user to use the Desktop Agent, or clear it to prevent the user from using the Desktop Agent.


    Browse to the user name or type it in the form DomainName\UserName.


    Select the profile that you want to assign to this user.

    User data folder

    Do one of the following:

    network user data folder

    Select this option and type the path or browse to an existing network user data folder where this desktop user's backup files will be stored. You must use an existing folder. And, the security attributes must be set for the folder according to your organization's needs. For example, determine which users can access the folder.

    A Storage Location is not required when an existing network share is used as the network user data folder.

    Storage Location

    Select this option to choose an existing Storage Location. The network user data folder for the new user is placed in this Storage Location.