Excluding files and folders from compression

You can prevent specific files or folders from being compressed by using a global exclude. When you use a global exclude, the types of files or folders that you select remain uncompressed for all users.

To exclude files and folders from compression

  1. On the Tools menu, click Global Excludes.

  2. On the Compressed Files tab, do any of the following:

    • To exclude all files greater than a specific size from compression, check the Exclude all files greater than check box and enter a size in KB.

    • To Add a new compressed file global exclude, click Add, and then configure as follows:


      The filter determines which files or folders are excluded from compression by the global exclude. Filters can be file names, wildcards, or macros.


      Wildcard: *.tmp

      File name: pagefile.sys

      Macro: %WINDIR%

      When using wildcards, you must use the asterisk (*) wildcard. For example, *.tmp returns all results with the .tmp extension while .tmp returns only files explicitly named .tmp.


      Type a description of the global exclude.

      Apply to

      Indicate whether this global exclude should apply to files, folders, or both files and folders.

  3. Click OK.