Upgrading from previous versions of Backup Exec

This version of Backup Exec for Windows Servers replaces any previous versions. No separate migration or upgrade utility is necessary. Most settings and all catalogs and data directories from previous versions of Backup Exec are kept. At the end of the installation, the upgrade process is summarized. Only Backup Exec version 11d and later can be migrated to this release.

The new version of Backup Exec for Windows Servers (including the Evaluation version) replaces any current installation. Separate installations of different versions cannot exist on the same computer.

Before you upgrade Backup Exec, do the following:

To upgrade from previous versions of Backup Exec

  1. Begin the installation program.

    See Installing Backup Exec to a local computer.

  2. Enter license keys for Backup Exec, and for each Backup Exec option that you want to install, and then click Next.

    Read the Installation Review. To add additional license keys, click Back until the Symantec Backup Exec license keys page appears. Enter the license keys, and then click Next to continue.

    The default location is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec.

  3. On the Back Up Existing Data page, enter or browse to a directory to which you want to back up all existing catalogs and data. The default location is:

    C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\DataBackup

    If you do not want to keep previous catalogs and data, click Continue with the upgrade without backing up existing data.

  4. Click Next to continue.

    An upgrade summary is displayed.

    You cannot change the database location during the upgrade process. If you want to change the database location after the upgrade, use BEUtility