About selection lists

Selection lists provide a quick and easy way of selecting files that you back up often. After you choose devices, directories and files, you can save the selections as a selection list that you can use in regularly scheduled operations or once-only operations. Selection lists, which define what is to be backed up, are also automatically created when you create a backup. You can combine a selection list with a policy and quickly create a backup job.

Backup Exec detects and notifies you about items in a selection list that are no longer on the resource. Notification occurs as a selection list is loaded for local selections, and as any remote server is expanded in the tree.

You can also choose to notify recipients when a job completes that contains a particular selection list. This feature allows you to notify users who may be interested that a particular set of selections was backed up. The completion status of the job is included in the notification.

You can view the job history of the jobs that are associated with a selection list.

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Editing selection lists