Restoring from the CASO central administration server

Before you create a restore job, review the best practices for centralized restore.

See Best practices for centralized restore in CASO.

To restore from the central administration server

  1. Create a restore selection list.

    See Creating a restore selection list.

  2. On the Restore Job Properties dialog box, in the task pane, under Source, click Device and Media.

  3. Enter or change the following information as appropriate:

    Media or Resource

    Displays a list of media that is required for the restore, or the name of the resource that you selected for restore.

    Media Location

    Displays the location of the media. If the media is listed as offline or unknown, you must retrieve the media, select a device in the Restore Device or Media Server column, and then place the media in a device that the managed media server can access.

    If the data that is selected for restore resides in a media vault, then Offline is displayed.

    If the data that is selected for restore resides in an unknown media location, then Unknown is displayed because the media cannot be found in any of the compatible storage devices that are candidates to run the job.

    Restore Device or Media Server

    Displays devices or media servers that are compatible with the media being restored, and that are possible candidates to process the restore job.

    To support restoring from the central administration server when the device and media database is on the managed media server, all media servers, including the central administration server, are listed in this column.

  4. Set other restore job properties from the Properties pane.

    See Restoring data by setting job properties.

  5. Click Run Now to start the restore operation.

    See How centralized restore works in CASO.