Viewing robotic library general properties

While most of the information appearing on the General tab for a robotic library's properties dialog box is for viewing only, you can use this dialog to rename your robotic library, and to change its status.

To view general properties of a robotic library

  1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.

  2. Expand the server icon in the tree view, and then click Robotic Libraries.

  3. Select the robotic library.

  4. In the task pane, under General Tasks, click Properties.

  5. On the Library Properties dialog box, click General.

    The General tab provides the following information:


    Name of the robotic library. You can rename the device by typing a new name in this field.


    The following statuses are available:

    • Pause. Select this check box to pause the device, and then click OK.

    • Enable. Select this check box in order for Backup Exec to use this device. Clear this check box to disable the device, and allow it to be available for other applications. If the box is clear, the device is disabled, and cannot be used by Backup Exec. After changing the option, click OK.

    • Online. If the device is online, the check box appears dimmed with a check mark. If the device is offline, the check box is available, with no check mark. To bring the device online, check Online. No operations are allowed on the device until it is online again.

    The device is displayed as offline if the following occurs:

    • The device was turned off after Backup Exec was started.

    • The device was being used by another application (such as a Windows backup utility) when Backup Exec was started.

    • The device is removed from the computer.

    • A tape drive failure occurred.

    • A tape is stuck in the drive.

    • The firmware of the device was updated; Backup Exec behaves as if the device with its old name or identity no longer exists.

    To put the device online, try the following:

    • Check to make sure the device has power and that cables are properly attached. Turn on the device and restart the server, or stop and restart the Backup Exec services.

    • Stop the utility that is using the device, and then reboot the server, or stop and restart the Backup Exec services.

    • If the device firmware has changed, delete the device and restart Backup Exec services. After the device appears with its new firmware identity, retarget all jobs that were using the old device name to the new device name.


    Name of the vendor of the robotic library.

    Product ID

    Product ID from the SCSI Inquiry string.


    Version of the firmware used in the device.

    Library type

    Manufacturer and model number of the robotic library.

    Date in service

    Date this device was first detected by Backup Exec.

    Serial number

    Serial number of the robotic library.

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