Monitoring jobs

Backup Exec's Job Monitor enables you to monitor and perform tasks on the active, scheduled, or completed jobs that have been submitted for processing.

The Job Monitor provides the following tabs:

Table: Job Monitor details



Job List

Displays the active jobs and scheduled jobs in the Current Jobs pane. The Job History pane displays the jobs that are successful, completed with exceptions, failed, and canceled.

See Viewing and changing active jobs.

See Viewing and changing scheduled jobs.

See Viewing and changing completed jobs.


Displays the scheduled, active, and completed jobs in a daily, weekly, or monthly view.

See Viewing the job workload for a media server from the Calendar tab.

System Summary

Displays the details of media server, job, alert, device, and media activity.

See Viewing the System Summary.

Security Summary

Displays a summary from Symantec Endpoint Protection of the viruses that were found, and potential threats and risks to the media server.


This tab appears only if the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager component is installed.

See Viewing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Security Summary.

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