Configuring SMTP for email or mobile phone text message notification

You must have an SMTP-compliant email system such as a POP3 mail server to receive alert notification messages using the SMTP notification method.

To configure the SMTP email or mobile phone notification method

  1. On the navigation bar, click Alerts.

  2. Click the Active Alerts tab.

  3. Under Notification Tasks in the task pane, click Configure email and pagers.

  4. Click the SMTP Configuration tab and select the appropriate options as follows:


    Select this check box to activate the notification method.

    SMTP mail server

    Type the name of an SMTP mail server on which you have a valid user account. Backup Exec will not check the server name or the email address for validity.

    SMTP port

    Defaults to a standard SMTP port. In most cases, the default should not have to be changed.

    Sender name

    The sender's name. Spaces and special characters are allowed here.

    Sender email address

    Type the email address of the user from whom the notification message will be sent. The email address should contain a name that identifies the user to the mail server, followed by an at sign (@) and the host name and domain name of the mail server. For example,

    For a mobile phone: type the number of the mobile phone in email address format. For example: Check with the mobile service provider for the correct email address for text messages.

    Enable SMTP Authentication

    Select this check box to enable SMTP authentication, which logs the sender in to the mail server prior to sending the SMTP notification.

    For SMTP authentication to work properly, anonymous access and TLS encryption must be disabled on the Exchange server.

    SMTP server login

    The login name of the sender on the SMTP mail server.

    Sender password

    The sender's password on the SMTP mail server. Make sure you provide a confirmation password. Backup Exec will not check the server name or the email address for validity.

  5. Click OK.

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