Select a recovery file

Select a *.dr file for the recovery of this computer. The Disaster Preparation Wizard previously labeled each *.dr file using the name of the computer from which it was created. It also shows the date and time it was last modified. Make sure you select the correct *.dr file for the computer you are recovering.

If the Disaster Recovery Wizard does not detect a valid IDR license key, you must enter a valid license key to continue.

If the *.dr file does not appear, click Browse to navigate to the destination folder where you stored the backup copy of the *.dr file.

To select a recovery file

  1. Click Browse for disaster recovery files to find the *.dr file.

  2. If the *.dr file resides on a network drive, click Install Network to install the network drivers.

  3. After installing the network drivers, click Browse for Disaster Recovery files to find the file.