Adding drives to a cascaded drive pool

You can add a drive to an existing cascaded drive pool provided the drive is of the same type as the drives already in the pool and provided that the drive is not in another cascaded drive pool. Drives that are part of a non-cascaded drive pool will be removed from the other pool when added to a cascaded drive pool.

To add a drive to a cascaded drive pool

  1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.

  2. Select the cascaded drive pool to which you want to add a drive.

  3. Under Device Pool Tasks in the task pane, select Add device.

  4. Select the appropriate options as follows, and then click OK:

    Device pool name

    Name of the cascaded drive pool to which you want to add drives.


    Description of the cascaded drive pool.

    Device type

    Only stand-alone drives are displayed for selection for a cascaded drive pool.

    Device sub-type:

    Select a sub-type, or media type, to increase the filter on the list of drives available for the cascaded drive pool. Only drives that use this media type are displayed for selection.

    Select the devices to be included in this device pool

    Select the drives you want to include in the drive pool.