File menu

From the File menu, you can create new jobs, devices and media, print selected items, view properties, or exit Backup Exec.

Table: Backup Exec File menu options




Select one of the following items that you want to create:

  • Policy

  • Backup Job

  • Backup Selection List

  • Jobs Using Policy

  • Restore Job

  • Restore Selection List

  • Verify Backup Data Job

  • Resource Discovery Job

  • Duplicate Backup Sets Job

  • Vault Media Job

  • Device Pool

  • Cascaded Drive Pool

  • Backup-to-Disk Folder

  • Removable Backup-to-Disk Folder

  • Media Set

  • Media Vault

  • Media Server Pool (displays only on computers that use the Central Admin Server Option)


Select this to display properties for the selected local drives, network volumes, media, and devices. You can also display properties for an item by selecting it and then selecting Properties from the task pane.


Select this to exit the Backup Exec Administration Console.