Edit menu

With the Edit menu, you can rename, delete, and select items. In addition, you can work with selection lists and search catalogs.

Table: Backup Exec Edit menu options




Select this to rename the selected item.


Select this to delete the selected item.

Copy Text

Select this to copy list items to the clipboard and then copy them to any application that supports copy-and-paste.

Select All

Select this to have Backup Exec select all items associated with the highlighted item. For example, on the Devices view, if you select a device and then from the Edit menu click Select All, Backup Exec selects all media associated with that device.

Manage Selection Lists

Select this to edit or delete a selection list.

See Editing selection lists.

See Deleting selection lists.

Search Selection Lists

Select this to search for selection lists that include a particular server name.

See Searching selection lists.


Select this to copy jobs, policies, and selection lists to other media servers.

Search Catalogs

Select this to search Backup Exec's catalog for files to restore.

See Searching for files to restore.