Recovering all shared disks in a Veritas cluster

You can recover shared disks in a Veritas cluster using the Veritas Volume Manager.

To recover all shared disks using Volume Manager

  1. Use Volume Manger to recreate all shared volumes and disk groups.

  2. At a command prompt, type: Vmgetdisk and press ENTER or RETURN.

    The command creates a file named VmDriveInfo.txt which contains information about the disk groups and volumes.

  3. Use a text editor, such as Notepad to open the VmDriveInfo.txt file.

  4. From the directory in which Veritas Cluster Server was installed, use a text editor such as Notepad to open the

  5. Find and replace the GUIDs in with the GUIDs in the VmDiskInfo.txt file for the all the disk groups you want to recover.

    Ensure that Lanman and MountV resources start. If you recover SQL or Exchange you cannot start the SQL or Exchange resource, but you can start the Lanman and MountV resources to restore data.

  6. Restore the shared information using the virtual server backup.