Restoring the Microsoft Cluster data files

To fully recover the cluster, the cluster files in the MSCS folder may need to be restored. If the Quorum disk is still available and has not changed, then you do not have to restore the data files. If the Quorum disk is new, you need to restore the data files to the new Quorum disk. You should disable the cluster disk driver before restoring the data files.

To restore the cluster data files

  1. Shut down the secondary nodes.

  2. Start the primary node.

  3. On the Computer Management menu, select System Tools. Then select Device Manager.

  4. Right-click the cluster disk driver, and then select Disable.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Reboot the primary node.

  7. On the Backup Exec navigation bar, click the arrow next to Restore.

  8. Click New Restore Job.

  9. In the Restore selections pane, select the most recent backup set of the MSCS folder.

    The cluster service should not be running.

  10. Redirect the restore of the MSCS folder to the designated Quorum disk.

  11. After the cluster data files have been restored to the Quorum disk, you can enable the cluster disk driver and start the cluster service.

  12. After the cluster quorum is restored, use the cluster administrator to bring the other cluster nodes online.