Recovering nodes on the cluster using IDR

If you used Backup Exec's Intelligent Disaster Recovery to prepare for a disaster, you can use IDR to recover the nodes to their pre-disaster state.


You must create disaster recovery media for each Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 cluster node. Disaster recovery media is customized for a single computer. You will not be able to use the media interchangeably between the nodes in a cluster.

When recovering both nodes in a cluster, make sure that the drive letters match the original cluster configuration. The scaled-back version of Windows that runs the recovery wizard may detect the hard drives in a different order than what was originally configured under the original version of Windows.

If the original configuration does not match, then to a certain extent, you can control the hard drive numbering scheme that Windows devises.

If you cannot get the IDR Disaster Recovery Wizard to properly detect the hard drive order, you can still manually set up hard drive partitions using the Disk Administrator option within the Disaster Recovery Wizard. After this is done, you can continue with automated restore of your backup media afterward.


After Windows has been installed, you cannot change the system drive's letter. You must restore the system to the same drive letter from which it was backed up.

To recover nodes on the cluster using IDR

  1. If you are recovering more than one node, disconnect the shared disks. If you are recovering only one node, the shared disks do not need to be disconnected.

    If all nodes in the cluster are unavailable and must be recovered, the cluster cannot fail over. Disconnect the shared disks before recovery begins.

  2. Restore the nodes.

    See About recovering a computer and using the Disaster Recovery Wizard.

  3. Reconnect the shared drives and bring the nodes online.

  4. To restore a database to the shared drives, use the appropriate Backup Exec agent.

    See Disaster recovery of SQL.

    See Disaster recovery for Exchange Server 5.5.

    See Disaster recovery of a Lotus Domino server.

    See About restoring and recovering Oracle resources.