Installing additional Backup Exec options on a Microsoft cluster

Install additional Backup Exec options on each node of the cluster. For details on installing each option, see the appropriate section in this guide, or in online Help.


If you are using the Advanced Open File Option, set those defaults on each physical node the option is installed on, not on the virtual server. Because the default settings for the static volume can be different on each node, Advanced Open File Option defaults do not fail over.

To install additional Backup Exec options

  1. On the controlling node, make sure the Backup Exec group is online before you start installing additional options.

  2. Install the additional options.

    See Installing Backup Exec options to the local computer.

  3. After the installation is complete on the controlling node, use the cluster administrator to move the Backup Exec group to the next appropriate node, and repeat step 2.

    Be sure to install the same options with the same settings for each node in the cluster.

    To install the Backup Exec Agent for Oracle Server and the Backup Exec Agent for SAP Applications on other nodes, map a drive to the shared disks where Backup Exec is installed on the cluster, and run SETUP.

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