Searching the Symantec Knowledge Base for more information

The Symantec Knowledge Base is a centralized location where you can locate more information about your Symantec products. The Knowledge Base contains information about how to install, upgrade, configure, and use your products. It also contains information about requirements, best practices, and how to troubleshoot problems. The Symantec Knowledge Base is accessible from within Backup Exec.


You must have an active Internet connection to access the Symantec Knowledge Base.

The Knowledge Base uses a keyword-based search technology. It focuses on the important keywords in a search and compares them to other search phrases to provide the best possible results. You can use Boolean search features and expression queries to provide search parameters. For best results, focus on a few keywords that best represent your question.

To search the Symantec Knowledge Base

  1. Type your question or keywords in the Search Knowledge Base search box in Backup Exec's upper right corner.

  2. Click the magnifying glass icon.

    The Knowledge Base launches in a new browser window with your search results.