Viewing the job log from an alert

The job log provides detailed job information, device and media information, job options, file statistics, and job completion status for completed jobs. You can view the job log for jobs that have generated alerts from either Active alerts or Alert history, depending on where the alert is located.

To view the job log

  1. On the navigation bar, click Alerts.

  2. Click the Active Alerts or Alert History tab.

  3. Select the alert for which you want to view the job log from either the Active Alerts or Alert History pane.

  4. Perform one of the following:

    • If the alert is in Active alerts, under Alert Tasks in the task pane, click View job log.

    • If the alert is in the Alert history, under Alert History Tasks, click View job log.

  5. To search for a specific word or phrase, click Find. Type the text you want to find, and then click Find Next.

    Be sure to expand all sections of the job log. The Find feature searches only the expanded sections of the job log.

  6. To print the job log, click Print. You must have a printer attached to your system and configured in order to print the log.

    To save the job log as an .html or .txt file, click Save As and then select the file name, file location, and file type.

  7. After you have finished viewing the job log, click OK.

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