Running a test job for a scheduled job

The test run option determines if a scheduled backup will complete successfully. During the test run, the tape capacity, credentials, and media are checked. If the test job determines there is a problem, the job will continue to run and the problem will appear in the job log.

To run a test job for a scheduled job

  1. On the navigation bar, click Job Monitor.

  2. On the Job List tab, in the Current Jobs pane, select the active job.

  3. In the task pane, under Scheduled Job Tasks, click Test run.

    To select multiple jobs in the Job List view in the Job Monitor, select a job, and then press the <Ctrl> or <Shift> keys while you click other jobs that you want to select. This allows you to perform tasks such as Test Run on more than one job at a time, as long as the jobs are of similar type.

  4. Enter test run properties for the job.

    See Setting test run default options.

  5. In the Properties pane, under Settings, click Notification and enter notification information for the items.

    See Assigning notification recipients for completed jobs.

  6. In the Properties pane, under Frequency, click Schedule and then click Submit job on hold if you want to submit the job with an on-hold status.

    Select this option if you want to submit the job, but do not want the job to run until you change the job's hold status.

  7. Click Run Now to submit the test run job.