Active job statuses

Possible statuses for an active job include the following:

Table: Active job statuses




The operation is underway.


The job has been initiated, but Backup Exec is actively looking for a suitable drive or media.

Cancel Pending

Backup Exec cannot process the Cancel request immediately. This status is displayed until the job is actually canceled. The job is then displayed in Job History with a status of Canceled.

Loading Media

The media is being loaded and positioned on the target device.


This status can indicate any or all of the following:

  • Backup Exec is calculating the amount of data that will be backed up, if the Display progress indicators for backup jobs option is enabled. To view this option, from the Tools menu, click Options, and then under Settings in the task pane, click Preferences.

  • Backup Exec is waiting for a pre- or post-command to complete.

  • Backup Exec is retrieving the set maps and is positioning the tape to the append point location for an append job.

Snapshot processing

Backup Exec is processing a snapshot operation.

Device Paused

The device that the job was sent to is paused.

See Pausing and resuming storage devices.

Server Paused

The media server is paused.

See Pausing and resuming storage devices.


The Backup Exec services have become unresponsive.

See Setting thresholds to recover jobs.

Media Request

You must insert media for the job to continue.

Communication Stalled

Communications between the managed media server and the central administration server have not occurred within the configured time threshold.

See Setting communication thresholds and active job status updates for CASO .

No Communication

No communication about jobs is being received at the central administration server from the managed media server. The configured time threshold has been reached.

See Setting communication thresholds and active job status updates for CASO .

Consistency Check

Backup Exec is running a consistency check of the databases before backup.

Updating Catalogs

Backup Exec is updating the catalog information.

Schedule, CPS backup job running

The Exchange logs are being continuously protected with Continuous Protection Server (CPS). The status appears if you check the option Continuously back up transaction logs with Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server on the backup job properties for Exchange backups.

See About continuous protection for Exchange data.

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