About software encryption

When you install Backup Exec, the installation program installs the necessary encryption software on the media server and on remote computers that use the Remote Agent. Backup Exec can encrypt data at a computer that uses the Remote Agent, and then transfer the encrypted data to the media server. Backup Exec then writes the encrypted data on a set-by-set basis to tape or to a backup-to-disk folder.

Backup Exec encrypts the following types of data:

Backup Exec does not encrypt Backup Exec metadata or on-disk catalog file and directory information.

You can use software compression with encryption for a backup job. First Backup Exec compresses the files, and then encrypts them. However, backup jobs take longer to complete when you use both encryption and software compression.

Symantec recommends that you avoid using hardware compression with software encryption. Hardware compression is performed after encryption. Data becomes randomized during the encryption process. Compression does not work effectively on data that is randomized.

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