How to determine the number of resources to back up in a job

When you are setting up jobs for the network, you must decide if you want to create one job that includes many resources or a job for each resource.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Table: Advantages and disadvantages of including more than one system in a job




One job per device

  • If a job fails, you know immediately which resource was not backed up.

  • If a resource is turned off or moved, backups of other resources are not affected.

  • When resources are added to the network you can simply set up new jobs for each resource.

  • You have more jobs to keep track of (for example, reviewing job histories, and so forth).

Multiple resources per job

  • There are fewer jobs to keep track of and create.

  • You know the order in which the data is backed up.

  • You could make it an overwrite job and thus be able to use the same name for the media and the job.

  • If any of the resources in the job are not available during the backup, the job results in an abnormal completion status.