Deleting a media set

Use Delete to remove a media set from the Media Sets category. If you delete a media set to which scheduled jobs are targeted, you are prompted to retarget the jobs to another media set.

You cannot delete a media set that has associated media. You must associate the media with another media set first.


Make sure that the media set to which you associate the media has the appropriate overwrite protection and append periods.

To delete a media set

  1. On the navigation bar, click Media.

  2. In the Media selection pane, under Media Sets, select the media set that you want to delete.

  3. Under General Tasks on the task pane, click Delete.

  4. Click Yes to delete the media set, or if you selected multiple media sets to delete, click Yes to All to delete all the selected media sets without further prompting.

  5. If there are scheduled jobs allocated to the deleted media set, you are prompted to redirect the jobs to another media set.

  6. In the Media Set selection box, click the Down arrow to see more options, and then select the new media set to which you want to redirect the scheduled jobs.

  7. Click Yes to redirect the displayed job to the selected media set, or if there are multiple scheduled jobs, click Yes to All to redirect all scheduled jobs to this media set without further prompting.

    The scheduled jobs are redirected.