About Backup Exec's standard features

When you enter a Backup Exec license key, you can select additional features that are available for install.

The following additional features are included with the Backup Exec license key:

Table: Backup Exec's standard features



Tape Device Drivers

Installs the Symantec tape device drivers for all supported tape devices that are attached to the server.

Online Documentation

Installs the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide in a pdf file format.

Enable Robotic Library Support

Enables support for multi-drive tape or optical robotic libraries and library storage systems.

Create Clone CD

Captures the Backup Exec installation program and your installation settings, such as account information, additional options, and destination directory. After the CD image has been created, it can be copied to a CD. You can then use that CD to install Backup Exec on additional servers using the same settings.

See Using a clone CD image.

Copy Server Configurations

Enables you to copy server configurations, logon account information, jobs, policies, and selection lists to remote media servers. This feature is selected automatically if you enter a CASO license key.

DLO (support for 5 users included with Backup Exec)

Enables up to five desktop users to install the Desktop Agent for free automated file protection.

Managed Media Server

Makes a stand-alone media server into a managed media server that is controlled by the central administration server. You cannot select this feature if you entered a CASO license key.

All other options and agents require the purchase of additional licenses. Installing an Evaluation version enables many options that must be purchased separately and are not included as part of Backup Exec.

If you have a licensed version of Backup Exec, you can evaluate most options and agents for a specified period of time.

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