About Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition components installed with Backup Exec

The Backup Exec installation program installs Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition components that are required to run Backup Exec. These components include SQL Server 2005 core components and Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.8.

If you are running applications that use earlier versions of these components, problems may occur due to the upgraded drivers. If problems occur, contact the vendor of the incompatible software to obtain a version that is compatible with the MDAC.


The MDAC version that Backup Exec installs as part of the installation is incompatible with a clustered version of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. Do not install Backup Exec on a clustered version of SQL 7.0 server.

Backup Exec prompts you to do one of the following:

During the installation process and upgrade process, Backup Exec stops and starts the SQL service several times. Other user-created databases that use the SQL Server instance are unavailable during the process. To avoid such conflicts, you should install Backup Exec into its own SQL instance.

If you choose to install Backup Exec into an existing SQL 2000 instance, make sure that SQL 2000 Service Pack 3a or later is installed before you continue with the installation.


Backup Exec may not function properly if you install it into an existing SQL instance that uses case-sensitive collation. Symantec recommends that you avoid installing Backup Exec to a SQL instance that uses case-sensitive collation.

When Backup Exec is installed into an existing instance, the automated master database restore feature is not available. To recover the Master database, you must replace it with the Master database copy that Backup Exec automatically creates and updates when the Master database is backed up.

You cannot install multiple Backup Exec databases on the same SQL Server instance.


If you are installing a managed media server, it is recommended that you select a local Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (SP3a) instance or later on which to install the Backup Exec database for this managed media server. Do not select the same SQL Server instance that is used by the central administration server.