Best practices for using the Symantec Protection Network

You can use the Symantec Protection Network to back up any data that you would normally back up in Backup Exec. Symantec recommends that you use the Symantec Protection Network for small jobs that contain your most critical data however. The Symantec Protection Network is not intended to replace your complete local backup process. It can, however, help to provide security from natural disasters and hardware failure for your business' most important data.

Bandwidth capabilities may limit your ability to back up large Symantec Protection Network jobs. You may find that it takes longer to run the same jobs over the Internet than it does to run them locally. Since you pay for the storage space that you use, backing up only your critical jobs is also the most cost-effective use of this service.

You may want to back up the following types of critical information with the Symantec Protection Network: