Excluding directories and files from a NetApp backup selection

When you create a backup job, you can select specific files and directories that you do not want to include in the backup job.

To exclude directories and files from a NetApp backup selection

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. Click New Backup Job.

  3. Select the resource that contains the files you want to exclude from the backup selection.

  4. Click Include/Exclude.

  5. In Resource type, click NDMP.

  6. In NDMP type, select NetApp/IBM.

  7. In Type, click Exclude.

  8. Use one of the following methods to select the volume where the file or directory you want to exclude is located:

    • Under Resources, navigate to the volume.

    • Under Resource selection, in Volume, type the path for the volume.

  9. In Pattern, type the pattern to exclude the file or directory.

  10. Do one of the following:

    To exclude additional directories or files from the backup selection

    Click Apply, and then repeat steps 6 through 9.

    To complete this procedure

    Click OK.