Resetting the SAN in the SAN Shared Storage Option

Resetting the SAN involved powering down the components of the SAN, and then powering them on in a specific order.

To reset the SAN

  1. Power down all servers, libraries, and SCSI to fibre bridges in the SAN.

    In rare cases, you may need to power down the switch also. If you need to power down the switch, you should power it on before any other components and wait for all checks to complete before powering on other components.

  2. Power on the library.

  3. After the library initialization is complete, power on the bridge.

  4. Verify that the switch recognizes the library.

  5. Power on the primary SSO server.

  6. Verify that the operating system recognizes the library and drives.

  7. Power on one of the secondary SSO servers. Wait for the secondary server to boot before powering on the other secondary SSO servers.