Reconfiguring the SAN Shared Storage Option environment

You can change the primary server to which a secondary server is assigned. First, you must make the secondary server into a stand-alone server. Otherwise, all of the SAN SSO device configuration data migrates to the primary server database.

When you configure a stand-alone server as a SAN SSO secondary server, the Backup Exec database creates a new data partition on the primary server. Initially, the partition is empty and data from previous server operations is lost. When the ADAMM service restarts, the standard device discovery process rediscovers the physical devices that are attached to the server. However, you cannot recover original backup-to-disk specifications. You must recreate the backup-to-disk folder and enter the original path where the folder resides. You must then run an inventory job to discover the backup-to-disk media. Before you can restore data, catalog the media.

To reconfigure the management of a secondary server

  1. Use BEUtility to convert the secondary server to a stand-alone server.

  2. Use BEUtility to set the primary SAN SSO server.