About preparing to recover from a disaster by using IDR

When a disaster occurs, you can use IDR to return the computer to its pre-disaster state. Recovering a computer is a multi-step process that involves both manual and automatic processes. To recover a computer, you must follow these steps in order:


Disconnect any storage area network (SAN) or cluster that is attached to the computer being recovered; otherwise, the hard drives on those computers may also be repartitioned and reformatted.


Boot managers, such as System Commander or the OS/2 Boot Manager, cannot be restored with IDR. Boot managers are usually installed at a very low level that Backup Exec cannot protect. For example, the OS/2 Boot Manager resides in its own hard drive partition that Backup Exec cannot access. Because of the many different boot managers available, you may not be able to restart the computer after an IDR recovery, even though the operating system was restored. If this happens, re-installing the boot manager should fix the problem.

Before recovering the computer, note the following:

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