Updating a bootable tape image

To update a bootable tape image, use the following procedure.


A bootable tape drive and its driver must be detected by the Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard before the option to create a bootable tape image is displayed.

To update the bootable tape image

  1. On the Tools menu, click Wizards> Intelligent Disaster Recovery Preparation Wizard.

    By default, the IDR Preparation Wizard uses this computer to update the bootable tape image. If this computer does not have the IDR option installed locally, select another media server on which the IDR option is installed to update the boot image.

  2. Do one of the following:

    To use this computer to update the bootable tape image

    On the Welcome screen, click Next.

    To use another computer to update the bootable tape image

    Click Choose a media server that has the IDR option installed.

    See Preparing IDR media by using other media servers.

    The Create IDR Boot Media screen appears.

  3. Under Create, click Bootable Tape Image for use with bootable tape devices, and then click Next.

    The Starting Tape Image Creation screen appears.

    If you have previously prepared a bootable image for tape, the Disaster Recovery Image Found screen appears.

  4. Click Delete the existing image to write the new bootable image to the bootable tape when the first overwrite backup job runs.

  5. Continue to follow the prompts until the wizard is complete.

  6. When the bootable image is complete, run an overwrite backup job so that the image is written to the tape.

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