Preparing computers for IDR

The key to successfully recovering computers after a disaster is to carefully and properly prepare those computers for a disaster.

Figure: How to prepare computers for IDR

How to prepare computers for IDR

Preparing computers for IDR involves the following:

You can create the following types of bootable media with the IDR Preparation Wizard:

Consider what type of Windows computer is being protected, the available hardware, and the system BIOS when selecting the type of bootable media to create. You can also combine media to make updating the *.dr files easier. If you are using bootable CD-R or CD-RW, or tape, you can still back up the *.dr files to any location using the IDR Preparation Wizard so that you can easily update them when required.

Use the following table to decide which type of media to use.

Table: Bootable media comparison chart

Type of Media




  • Can also be used to protect remote Windows computers on the network.

  • Can create bootable CD images for remote computers.

  • Requires a BIOS that supports booting from a CD.

  • Requires a CD burner.

Bootable tape

  • Does not required a CD burner.

  • Requires a BIOS that supports booting from a SCSI CD and a bootable tape device that emulates a SCSI CD drive.

  • Cannot create bootable tape images for remote computers.