Backing up the Enterprise Vault Monitoring database

Use the following steps to back up the Monitoring database.

To back up the Monitoring database

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. Click New Backup Job.

  3. In the Backup Selections pane, expand Enterprise Vault.

  4. Expand a Directory on <computer name> that contains the Monitoring database that you want to back up.

  5. Click Monitoring DB (<SQLServer/instance>/EnterpriseVaultMonitoring).

  6. In the Properties pane, under Settings, click Enterprise Vault.

  7. Select a backup method:

    Backup method

    The following methods are available:

    • Full (default)

    • Differential

    • Incremental

    See About selecting a backup method for Enterprise Vault backup jobs.

  8. In the Properties pane, select other backup options as appropriate.

  9. Do one of the following:

    To run the job now

    Click Run Now.

    To schedule the job to run later

    Do the following in the order listed:

    • In the Properties pane, under Frequency, click Schedule.

    • Set the scheduling options.

    • Click Submit.