About the Enterprise Vault Agent

The Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers Agent for Enterprise Vault (EV Agent) is installed as a separate, add-on component of Backup Exec for Windows Servers.

The EV Agent provides data protection for key Enterprise Vault components, such as the following:

The EV Agent can help provide a disaster recovery solution for data that is archived with Enterprise Vault. Recovery of the archived data is not dependent on the archive source, such as Exchange Server or a specific file system.

The EV Agent lets you do the following:

When you back up Enterprise Vault servers the following Enterprise Vault components can be backed up along with the vault partitions:

Backup Exec backs up Enterprise Vault by placing the Enterprise Vault services in read-only mode. Read-only mode ensures that database, database index, and vault store synchronization remains while the backup job runs. As a result, Enterprise Vault does not archive new data while in read-only mode.

After the backup job successfully completes, Backup Exec takes the Enterprise Vault services out of read-only mode so that archival operations can continue.

When you back up specific Enterprise Vault components, other Enterprise Vault components are automatically backed up at the same time. Backup Exec includes these components to hasten an Enterprise Vault recovery.

Table: Enterprise Vault components that are automatically backed up

When you back up this:

Backup Exec automatically backs up this:


Enterprise Vault site

Directory database

Backup Exec automatically backs up the Directory database that is associated with the Enterprise Vault site.

Enterprise Vault server or servers

Directory database or databases

After Backup Exec sequentially backs up all of the selected servers, it finishes the backup job by automatically backing up the Directory database. Backup Exec places the Directory database in a backup set that remains separate from the sets that contain the server components.

Open partition

Vault store database

Backup Exec automatically backs up the vault store database that is associated with the open partition.