Backing up MaxDB databases by using the SAP Agent

The SAP Agent supports the backup of SAP applications that run on the MaxDB(SAPDB) database.

Use the DBM command line interface or the MaxDB Database Manager graphical user interface to initialize and send a backup job to MaxDB's BACKINT interface. MaxDB's BACKINT then sends the backup job to the Symantec SAP Agent BACKINT interface, which executes the job. The SAP Agent supports backups to both local and remote Backup Exec media servers.

The SAP Agent supports the following SAP DB backup functions:


The SAP Agent must be installed in a directory structure that is only two directories deep. If this directory structure is changed, and then change the SAP.PAR and BSI.ENV files accordingly.

To prepare to back up MaxDB databases

  1. Ensure that the following files are present:

    • SAP.PAR

    • BSI.ENV

  2. Ensure that the following parameters are set during the installation of MaxDB:

    • independent data path = C:\sapdb\data

    • independent program path = C:\sapdb\programs

    • dependant path to C:\sapdb\<sid>\db

  3. Ensure that the following paths exist:

    • C:\sapdb\programs
    • C:\sapdb\data
    • C:\sapdb\<sid>
    • C:\sapdb\<sid>\db
  4. Ensure that the appropriate versions of the following applications are installed:

    • SQL studio

    • DBMGUI

To back up MaxDB databases:

  1. Copy BSI.ENV into C:\sapdb\data\wrk\<sid>

  2. Copy SAP.PAR into C:\sapdb\<sid>\db

  3. From the MaxDB Database Manager, select the Backup Wizard.

  4. Provide the appropriate inputs for the backup job, including the following:

    • Type of backup

    • Pipe used

    • Name of pipe

  5. Click Start.