Migrating the SAP Agent catalog from _backint.mdb to _backint.xml

This release of Backup Exec stores the SAP Agent catalog in an XML file. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Backup Exec, during the install process select the Upgrade option to migrate all the backup metadata from _backint.mdb to _backint.xml.

If you do not select the Upgrade option during the installation, the earlier backup catalog is not be available to this release of Backup Exec.

You must manually migrate the data in the following situations:

Before migrating the data, do the following:

To manually migrate from backint.mdb to backint.xml

  1. Copy the _backint.mdb file to the location where the BRTOOLS and _backint.exe is located (if not already present).

    The migration utility (MdbToXML.exe) is located in the directory where the SAP Agent is installed.

  2. Run the Migration Utility (MdbToXML.exe) with proper usage parameters.

    For example:

    MdbToXml.exe <Path for the _backint.mdb> <optional Path for Log 
    file >

    If _backint.mdb is in the path C:\usr\sap\CER\sys\exe\run, then the command is:

    MdbToXML.exe  C:\usr\sap\CER\sys\exe\run

    To get online help for this utility, type the following command:

    MdbToXML.exe /?

    The Path for Log file is optional. If a path is not specified, then the log file is created local to the _backint.xml file.

    The _backint.xml file is created in the same path as the _backint.mdb file.

    After the migration is completed, the _backint.mdb is renamed to _backint_migrated.mdb.

    A log file named MdbToXmlMigrationLog.txt is created in the path that is specified in the command line. If that parameter is ignored, then it is created local to the _backint.xml. If the path for log file is mentioned incorrectly, no log file is created.

    But this does not affect the migration process.