About backing up and restoring with the SAP Agent

You create a backup job for SAP applications in one of the following ways:

When you back up the database from the CCMS console, status messages appear on the console. These messages report when the database server starts, or stops. They also report when the backup mode of the tables changes. The detail debugging messages and log messages also appear. After all files are backed up, the entire file list appears in the format that is required by the SAP Agent BACKINT interface specification and reports the success or failure of the submitted job.

When you back up the database from BRTOOLS, you can set the backup_mode by changing the init<ORACLE_SID>.sap parameter file. For example:

backup_type = online_file

Or, you can specify -d with an appropriate backup type on the BRBACKUP command line. For example, on the command line, type:

	-d util_file_online

This command provides a better online backup of very large files, since only the necessary tablespaces are placed in backup mode. When Backup Exec is ready to process another file, it notifies BRBACKUP.