Configuring biparam.ini for the SAP Agent

The BACKINT interface lets you specify Backup Exec parameters for backup jobs that you submit from the SAP interfaces. The parameters are stored in the backup utility parameter file, biparam.ini. A template of this file is installed with the SAP Agent.

SAP requires that all SAP tools be in a common folder. The SAP Agent is installed in the same folder as BRTOOLS.

The biparam.ini file lets you specify job parameters from a single location for operations through RMAN and BACKINT.

To configure biparam.ini

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Ensure that the biparam.ini file is local to the BRTOOLS and the SAP Agent installation.

    • Ensure that the parameter util_par_file in the <ORACLE_HOME> database\init<SID>.sap file specifies the path of the biparam.ini file.

  2. Edit any of the following options in the biparam.ini file to configure the media server:

    Server=<server name>

    Name of the Backup Exec server that will process this backup job.

    Restore jobs are automatically directed to the Backup Exec server from where the original backup job was executed (except in the case of restore jobs through RMAN).

    The default is the local computer.

    Job Name=<Job Name>

    User-specified Job Name. The default is the media server generated Job Name.

    Job Template= <DBA-initiated Job Template on Media Server>

    The job template that will be used for this job. The job template includes settings like device, media, and encryption key.

    The DBA-initiated Job Template has to be created at the media server.

    See Configuring DBA-initiated job settings for SAP.

    The default value is the DEFAULT job template. All job parameters would be considered from the DEFAULT job template in this case. If DEFAULT job template is unavailable in the media server and if the user does not mention any job template name in biparam.ini, then the job fails. The job also fails if you specify a wrong job template name.

    Backup Catalog=<On/Off>

    On: The backup job includes the client-side catalog file (_backint.xml)

    Off: The backup job does not include the client-side catalog file (_backint.xml)

    The default is Off.

  3. Save the file.