About upgrading the Backup Exec Oracle Agent

The Backup Exec Oracle Agent 12 replaces the (legacy GRFS) Oracle Agent. All existing Oracle jobs are upgraded for use with the new agent. When you upgrade to the Backup Exec Oracle RMAN Agent, backup jobs for Oracle instances that were created with the legacy Oracle Agent are placed on hold.

You must do the following:

After upgrading, the database control file resource no longer appears in the backup selections tree under the Oracle server node. Backup Exec 12 automatically backs up the database control file whenever a table space or other resource on the Oracle server is backed up.


If you have a backup selections list that contains the database control file as its single resource, create another selection list that contains other resources. The database control file is then automatically backed up whenever the other resources in the selection list are backed up. This applies only to selection lists created with the legacy GRFS Oracle Agent.