About restoring SharePoint 2001 Portal Servers and workspaces

You can restore the entire SharePoint Portal Server or the individual documents that are contained in the SharePoint Portal Workspaces if the documents were backed up separately. You can redirect the restore of a SharePoint Portal Server to a different server than the one from which it was backed up. In addition, you can redirect the restore of SharePoint Portal Workspaces to an alternate workspace or file share.

There are some limitations on what information can be restored in SharePoint Portal workspaces. The Microsoft SharePoint Portal Workspaces interface in Backup Exec is intended to provide backup and restore of individual documents stored in the Documents subfolder for each workspace and should not be used as a substitute for SharePoint Portal Server database backup. Many of the other files and folders contained in the workspace are controlled by the SharePoint Portal Server software and may not restore successfully into the workspace even though they are available for backup. In addition, when restoring individual documents, the creation date and modification date properties do not restore.


SharePoint Portal Server must be installed on the target server before you can restore a SharePoint Portal Server.

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