Changing the name of a SharePoint server farm

When Backup Exec adds a farm, it creates a default name for the farm. You can change the default farm name to a name that is meaningful to you.

To change the name of a farm

  1. On the navigation bar, click the arrow next to Backup.

  2. Click New Backup Job.

  3. In the selection tree, right-click Microsoft SharePoint Server Farms, and then click Manage Server Farms.

  4. Select the farm whose name you want to change, and then click Properties.

  5. Type the new farm name in the Server farm name field. Then name you type here will display under the Microsoft SharePoint Server Farms node. Backup Exec lists the names of discovered Web servers in parentheses after the server farm name in the Selection tree.

    The following characters cannot be used in farm names: ' ~ ^ * ( ) { } \ ; : ' " , < > / ?

  6. Click OK, and then click Close.