About managing the CPS Exchange backup job for Exchange data

All backup operations that are related to the continuous protection of the Exchange Server are handled as a single job. This job is displayed in the Current Jobs view on the Job Monitor. The status of this job changes according to the operation that is running.

To view the continuous protection job for transaction log replication, or to view related errors, you must go to the CPS Administration Console. If the Continuous Protection Server Administration Console component is installed on the media server, you can view the CPS console.

The statuses for the different operations are listed in the following table:

Table: Continuous protection job statuses

Continuous protection operation

Status on the Job Monitor in the Current Jobs view

When the recurring full backup for the Information Store is running

Active; CPS backup job running

When transaction logs are being replicated

Scheduled; CPS backup job running


You cannot right-click this job to edit the properties. You must click Job Setup, and then right-click the job to edit properties.

When a recovery point is running


The job name is displayed with Exchange Recovery Point appended to it.


When the recovery point is complete, the recovery point appears in the Job History view. The recovery point appears as the name of the full job, with the description Exchange Recovery Point appended to it. If you enable error-handling rules, they apply to recovery points that fail.

If you place a CPS Exchange backup job on hold, the transaction log replication is stopped in CPS until you take the job off hold.

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