Exchange mailbox access requirements

Backup Exec must have access to a uniquely named mailbox within the Exchange organization for Information Store operations, depending on how the backup and restore jobs are configured.

Access to a uniquely named mailbox is required when you do the following:

You must use a Backup Exec logon account to connect to the Exchange server when you select mailboxes or public folders for backup. Backup Exec attempts to find a mailbox with the same name as the user name that is stored in the Backup Exec logon account.

If you use a Backup Exec logon account that stores a unique user name and has a corresponding mailbox with the same name, then you are not prompted for an additional logon account. Otherwise, you must choose or create a Backup Exec logon account that stores the name of a unique mailbox within the Exchange organization.

A unique name does not share the first five characters in another mailbox name. For example, if EXCH1 is entered as the mailbox name, and there is another mailbox name such as EXCH1BACKUP, then Backup Exec cannot accept the name. You are prompted to choose another mailbox name.

You can choose or create a logon account that meets any of the following requirements:

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