About connecting from the Desktop Agent to the media server

The Desktop Agent communicates with the DLO database and services on the media server during normal operation. When you use the Desktop Agent, you must connect to the media server by using a domain account.


If you connect to the media server with one set of credentials, and then try to connect to the server with a different set of credentials, authentication may fail. Restart the computer to reconnect.

When new information is available for the Desktop Agent, the Desktop Agent receives a notification of this new information and retrieves it. For example, when settings or synchronized files change or if a software update is available. The Desktop Agent and the media server do not contact each other directly.


If you try to connect to a server using characters in the share name that do not exist on the code page for the local system, the connection fails. Code pages map character codes to individual characters, and are typically specific to a language or group of languages.