Features and benefits of the Desktop Agent

The Desktop Agent provides the following features:

Table: Features of the Desktop Agent



Data protection

Selected files are copied automatically to user data folders on the desktop's local drive and on the network. The Desktop Agent can be configured so that no user interaction is required. Files are protected automatically when the desktop is online or offline. Backup Exec protects the data by backing up the network user data folders on the DLO file server.

Data availability

You can access data from multiple desktops in multiple locations by using the same login credentials on each desktop. You can also restore previous file revisions if you save at least one file revision in the desktop user data folder.


A user that accesses multiple computers with the same login credentials can configure folders to be synchronized on each of the computers.

When a synchronized file is changed on one computer, the updated file is copied to the following locations all other computers that are configured for synchronization:

  • The network user data folder

  • The desktop user data folder