Enabling a person to receive DLO alert notifications by pager

You can configure a person recipient to receive notification messages by pager if you have configured the pager notification method.

To enable a person to receive alert notifications by pager

  1. On the Tools menu, click Recipients.

  2. Click New, and then click Person.

  3. Click OK.

  4. In the Name field, type the name of the recipient that you want to configure.

  5. On the Pager tab, select the appropriate options as follows:


    Select this check box to activate this notification method for the recipient.

    Carrier Phone

    Type the area code and phone number to access the paging service provider's modem. The paging service number may be different from the number you enter to manually send a page.

    Country/region name and code

    Enter the country or region name and country code in which the pager is located.

    Pager Pin

    Type the pager identification number that is provided by the paging service provider. A PIN is required if you use TAP services. In most cases, the number is the last seven digits of the pager's phone number.


    Enables you to configure additional settings for the pager.

    See Configuring the pager notification method in DLO.


    Enables you to test the notification configuration for the recipient.


    Select this check box to activate the option.

    Notify me a maximum of x times within x minutes

    Type the total number of notifications to be sent to the recipient for all alerts that are generated within the specified number of minutes. After the specified number of notifications have been sent, additional notifications are not sent until the specified minutes have been reached. The maximum number of minutes that can be set is 1440, which is the number of minutes in a day.

    Reset the notification limits after x minutes

    Select this check box to enter the number of minutes that must be reached before the notification limits are reset. When the time limit has been reached, the number of notifications sent is reset to zero.


    Select this check box to activate the option and configure the length of time the recipient is available for notification.


    Enables you to select the days and times when notifications can be sent to the recipient.

    See Scheduling notification for recipients in DLO.

  6. Click Advanced to configure advanced pager setup options and select the appropriate options as follows:


    Type the password for the pager, if one is required.

    Message Length

    Type the maximum number of characters you want to use for messages. The paging service provider determines the number.


    Type the number of times you want the paging service provider to retry the page. The paging service provider determines the number.


    Select this option to configure a pager that accepts only numbers.


    Select this option to configure a pager that accepts letters and numbers.

    Modem Baud Rate

    Select the speed of the modem. The speeds that appear are limits set by the paging service; select the appropriate speed regardless of the modem speed rating.

    Data bits, Parity, Stop bit

    Select the communication protocol. In most cases, you should use the Windows default.

  7. Click OK to save the settings in the Advanced Pager Information dialog box, and then click OK to save the pager configuration settings.