Configuring the MAPI email notification method in DLO

You must have a MAPI-compliant email system, such as Microsoft Exchange to receive alert notification messages using the MAPI notification method.


If you install Outlook after you install DLO, you must stop and restart the DLO Administration Service.

To configure the MAPI email notification method

  1. On the Tools menu, click Email and Pager Notification.

  2. On the MAPI Configuration tab, select the appropriate options as follows:


    Select this check box to activate the notification method.

    Mail server name

    Type the name of the Exchange server. You must use an Exchange server to which the DLO service account has access.

    Mailbox name of sender

    Type the mailbox from whom the notification message will be sent, for example, John Smith. The name appears in the From field in the message and does not require a full address.The DLO services must be running under a domain account that has rights to the Exchange mailbox that is used for MAPI notification. Without the correct rights, MAPI configuration settings are not saved.

  3. Click OK.