Managing DLO alerts

From the Alerts view in the DLO Administration Console, you can view a subset of alerts, clear alerts, and move alerts to a history log.

To view DLO alerts

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Alerts.

  2. Select Active alerts to view active alerts, or Alert history to view the alerts that have been cleared.

    Alerts that are older than a specified number of days are cleared and moved into alert history. The number of days is specified in the Backup Exec Administration Console.

  3. To filter alerts by type, select one or more options from Active Alerts View Filters or Alert History View Filters:

    Show errors

    Lists error alerts for the selected view.

    Show warnings

    Lists warning alerts for the selected view.

    Show information

    Lists informational alerts for the selected view.

  4. To view the properties of an alert, right-click the alert in the Active Alerts or Alert History list and select properties.

  5. If a log file is associated with the alert, a link is provided to the log file. Click this link to view the log file.

  6. Click Close to close the Alert Information dialog.