Configuring a remote Windows share or NAS device for DLO Storage Locations

You can create DLO Storage Locations on remote Windows shares or network-attached storage devices.

In addition, you can configure Storage Locations so that the DLO administration service does not run as an administrator-level user, but the DLO administration groups are assigned the appropriate permission levels on a pre-existing share.

To create Storage Locations when the DLO administration service is a full administrator on the remote system

  1. Validate that DLO 5.1 MP1 or later is installed.

  2. Ensure that the account credentials that are used for DLO services have full administrator rights to the remote storage location or NAS device.

  3. Make sure that the volume desired to be used for DLO has been assigned a drive letter on the remote storage location or NAS device.

    See hardware vendor documentation on share creation and naming.

  4. Create a new Storage Location.

    Use the browse feature to indicate the location on the computer where the Storage Location will be created. This step insures that the path and the DLO service account are valid.

To configure Storage Locations using non-administrator case

  1. Configure DLO to use existing domain groups to automatically manage access to network user data folders.

    Check the Automatically grant DLO Administrators access to network user data folders check box and provide the required domain groups. Provide two groups: a group for full-DLO administrators and a group for limited-DLO administrators.

    See About administrator accounts in DLO.

  2. From the Administrator Account Management dialog box, add the appropriate domain user accounts to the account manager. If the user will have full administrator rights, check the "Grant administrator full restore privileges" checkbox in the Add Administrator Account dialog. In addition to other users, be sure to grant the DLO Administration Service full restore privileges.

  3. Create a folder on the remote storage location using an administrator, or administrator equivalent user.

  4. Share the new folder. Ensure that 'Everyone' has full-access to the share.

  5. Modify the folder's security permissions such that the full-DLO administrator group has full-control of the folder and that the limited-DLO administrator group has modify-control of the folder.

  6. Using the DLO console, create a new Storage Location. Specify the computer name, drive and path, and share name for the folder just created.

    Do not use the browse buttons at any point during the storage location creation as they will cause the process to fail.

  7. Once the required fields are completed, click OK

  8. To manually remove the Storage Location, do the following in the order listed:

    • Move or delete all users in the Storage Location.

    • Manually remove the Storage Location share and folder from the server.

    • Delete the Storage Location from the DLO Admin Console.

    You cannot delete a Storage Location if it was created manually and the DLO Admin Service does not have full administrator rights to the server hosting the DLO Storage Location.